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Hello, welcome to our blog page. The way you are curious to read this article by clicking on our title, we are very happy because there are very few people who show interest in such mysterious things and you are one of them. Recently a movie related to Munja has been released, whose name is Munjya.  This movie is about an urban agent about whom very few people knew in India, but in Maharashtra and its nearby areas as well as in many rural areas, people know about it very well,As our major audience is of  outside India. We assume you have very little or no knowledge about Munja.

We know that we have  already made you curious about Munja and hehe many questions have been also been arised in your mind . So our dear readers don’t be Panic, just read the article and know all the answers.. So are you ready to join us in this journey?Munjya


Background and origin of Munjya

Before diving into points of review and critiques about movie Let us tell you background  of Munja spirit Munja is a child spirit that are popular in rural areas especially near Maharastra (A state of India) Local people strongly belive in this spirit and on interaction you will get to know about many incidents experienced by the local.Therefore it is wise to say  the story of Munja is not limited to movies only. Also connection with folk literature of Maharastra make it more special.

Local people  say Munja is a type of tradition or ceremony  followed by childrens People belive following the tradition help children to live a more discipline life the tradition  includes various steps like Janeu Sanskar , Mundan Sanskar and other Popularly known as Upanayan Sanskar..Local belive children who died within 10-14 days of Upanyan Sanskar or with any unfulfilled wish they became one of the most dangerous ghost call  Munja

Habitate and habits of Munjha

Like other ghost Munja spirit  live in old and deserted area for example old trees, old buildings or deserted. This spirits are said to be one of the most powerful spirit ,they have the power to deviate people very easily. Not only they deviate but can create so much trouble for the passerby  that may result in death  But question arise here how  people are interacted with them .

So the answer is if you are a passer by of the place where they reside they became your companion and whoa! Became your companion . They have the strongest power of deviation because of the child form as they die earlier. So they act like a child  running, shouting, giggling ,laughing, falling, crying and other childish act are their mere symbol of presence. Just like a child can trouble you like hell. This urban legend  can trouble any person to such an extent that the person himself starts begging for his death.

The reason behind the power to infinite troublesome is unlike other ghost they can go to any religious places like temple, mosque or church  and can recite divine chants with you too. Boom got attack don’t worry some tantric and aghori can save you from them. But wait I said some tantric and agohri .Now Why only some because competing with Munja requires them to complete special type of sadhana It is said that many people even die in between this sadhana  due to Munja spirits.

Therefore only handful of people are able to complete sadhana and can help other to get rid of them Don’t overdo about Munja because they have power to destroy generation So it will be better for us that we keep it limited to movies and articles only and do not go too close to it.

Director and writer –

Now let’s talk about movie review. First of all, let us talk about the writer the story of Munjya is written jointly by Niren Bhatt, Yogesh Chandekar, Tushar Ajgaonkar and  directed by Aditya Sarpotdar a Marathi film director. The film has ben released under the banner of  Maddock Films known for giving movies like stree and bhediya.

Character and cast-

The filmmaker had casted the combination of emerging and experienced film stars to give movie a special touch Major or lead roles are played as follows

Abhay Verma as Bittu,

bittu and spellbider from Munjya

Sharvari Wagh as Bela,

Bela from Munjya

Mona Singh as Bittu’s mother

Suhas Joshi as Bittu’s grandmother,

Reema Chaudhary as Rukku,

Taran Singh as Speilberg,

Shruti Marathe and Anay Kamat as Gotya’s mother and father

Satyaraj as paranormal activist

Satyraj from Munjya

You will get to see a lot of interesting characters in this movie

Movie reviews and plots –

Movie genre is comedy horror alike Stree movie

The movie is based on relation between different characters with Munja. How Bittu , Bela, Konkan are related to each other why they have disparity in their relation. How this difference trap bittu’s family in Munjha’s hand and how Satyaraj save bittu’s family. Movie is full of horror, complication, comedy, friendship and other . So we are not going to be a spoiler we advice you to watch by yourself and let us know how much movie score in your satisfaction meter after reading about origin, habitat, habits and other details of Munjha

Post Credit Scenes –

We think Maddock film had tried to connect its past movies Stree and bhediya with Munjya . At the end you will see a burning banyan tree  but alike stree  spirit remain alive.  Connection to Bhediya movie is seen by  guest appearance of varun dhawan  . So we can expect a collab of all the three horror movies, till then stay tuned.


The legend of Munjya, with its roots in Marathi culture, tells the haunting story of the Munja spirit. A young Brahmin boy who becomes a restless ghost after an untimely death. This folklore has captivated generations, reminding them the importance of rituals and the supernatural power in rural Maharashtra. The film “Munjya” brings  ancient tale to modern audiences, with  blend of  horror and humor to create a compelling narrative. Directed by Aditya Sarpotdar, it showcases enduring appeal of traditional stories and hints  its ties to other Maddock Films productions. “Munjya”  preserves the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra but also invites viewers to explore the fascinating world of Indian folklore.

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